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1960s smocked button up shirt for 9-month-old baby

24 AUD

Lovely little button up top in brown and white with lovely brown smocking and the cutest swingy shape. 
Made in Australia by 'Freidelle' of 'Tootal' fabric - does anyone else love the kooky names for fabrics of the 50s and 60s or is it just me? - which is apparently 100% Rayon. Feels similar to a really nice quality thick linen. The shirt buttons up the front, and was probably once part of a set, as it also has some buttons around the waist that would have fastened to shorts or trousers. One of these buttons on the front is missing and there is a small (mended) hole. There is also a tiny pinprick rust stain on the front of the shirt. Still plenty of life left in this well-made piece though!
Era: 1960s
Estimated size: Australian size 0, 9-month-old baby

Childlike Empress Vintage is a collection of sweet vintage clothing for babies and little kids. Hand-knitted jumpers, hand-sewn onesies, art smocks & sailor suits. Often a little bit wonky, sometimes a little bit worn, but so obviously full of love that I couldn't help but smile when I found them!

My name is Helen - I live in Perth, Western Australia, and spend most of my free time hunting for fun bits & pieces from times gone by.  

I hope you'll find something here that will make you smile, and maybe make a bub in your life smile, too!

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